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Recall the amount of time in 2009,north face outlet TAG Heuer at its 150 anniversary from the warm-up activities launched a brandname-new chronograph movement -- Calibre1887. Within the twinkling of the eye for three years, Calibre 1887 happens to be in media within the teeth from the storm. We can not help attempting to request, this isn't complex chronograph movement how you can think constantly of mystery, is he.

Because the tag heuer done this much work, we are able to check it out first from the technical perspective about this subject do your homework. In the end, Calibre 1887 was under three years, the annual output has elevated from 6000 to 50000, can also be time table available on the market a pressure that nots let it ignore.

TAG Heuer chronograph movement created created the concept started in 2006, once the worldwide market watches a wealth, TAG Heuer's performance is very good. However the company's management to understand, the marketplace more often than not table while using ETA TAG Heuer movement, utilizing the same ETA movement, rivals and the possible lack of differentiation, but no self-created movement isn't any core competition, while development is certain to be

In other movement production factory, is tough to offer the breakthrough around the technology and items, therefore the Hoya made the decision to build up its very own core. Set goals, TAG Heuer to Seiko Corporation of Japan (Seiko Instruments Corporation-SII) purchased a chronograph patent (TC78), this patent may be the column wheel along with other core components are integrated inside a chronograph movement platform -- is only a new meter time core structure, because it is in 1999 to acquire patent, so than most on century seven, 80 time developed automatic chronograph movement to more complex.

Later, TAG Heuer situated in La chaux-p-fond watch factory within the establishment of some full sealing dust-free conditions of semi-automatic production lines (by Swiss producers build), production type of a maximum of 50 methods, which have to be standardized methods, like the reason for oil is finished through the automatic machines and areas of the set up consists of people hand crafted finish. Movement through the set up process to undergo 116 recognition, each one of these movement has separate quality monitoring, finally also felt by watchmakers inspections. When it comes to performance, the Calibre 1887 movement can also be outfitted with efficient bidirectional automatic winding system, compared to general automatic movement from the winding efficiency should be greater than 30%, a energy storage as much as 50 hrs, over ETA 7750 level. Then your calendar display, Calibre 1887 can be used half immediate jump calendar, it's no calendar blind area, 24 hrs each day could be modified every once in awhile shifting needle won't make use of the be worried about damage calendar mechanism.