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Based on Korea "Central Daily News" report, coupons enterprise collective turn happens because China's domestic business conditions as before. 19 ninties, constantly businesses is going to be gone to live in a budget labor in China, however, wages of Chinese employees in two decades elevated by nearly 20 occasions. Furthermore, the welfare from the employees healthcare costs and indirect cost is also showing a rising trend.

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Additionally, the U . s . States and also the Eu (EU) Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) but in addition these businesses revisit Korea foundation. 14 go back to Korea enterprise in excess of 80% items are released towards the U . s . States and also the European market. The Secretary of state for understanding economy investment policy officer Jiang Chengtian (voice) states "for that jewellery company, FTA independent tax preferential guidelines to ensure that businesses can help to save a lot more than 20% from the cost".

On August 29th, Han Han (seem), the near future (seem) along with other 14 businesses with Jeollabuk-do and advantages of hill city to sign investment contract. Based on the provisions from the contract, these businesses come in the interests from the third General Hill Industrial Park Investment 73000000000 won, the brand new plant section of 107000 square meters, in a position to create 3000 new jobs. Jeollabuk-do and advantages of hill city will give you 40% land acquisition costs and 10% from the equipment investment cost assistance. The South Korean government also depends on "overseas industrial facilities return guaranteeInch, because they give a three year full exemption from corporate tax and tax along with other tax preferential.