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    ´╗┐There's Health Risks One of fashion health paradox: Nightlife Clubbing,ralph lauren Outlet karaoke OK, show trends of urban life. For the modern city, the night is its soul, is a source of urban vitality and creativity. For the working family, the clubbing, karaoke OK both stress levels, but also expand the circle of contacts, of course, become part of our way of life. Health costs: the human body as crops, are also divided into different seasons. Kara OK hall, bars and dirty air and noise is not a good place to recharge your batteries. If you frequently run around outside middle of the night also, over time, not so much to these places to "heal" to find a good mood, not as it is to look for disease. Fashion Health Paradox II: Network life Worms, standing at the forefront of modernization. But for severe eye pain, and many professionals do not want from the Internet down. Internet Life, has become the spiritual home of many people. Health costs: Internet a long time, not only harm the eyes. PC Ray long years to accumulate in the body, causing damage to the blood system is also present, the medical profession has found television epilepsy, particularly of people playing video games accounted for epilepsy incidence of the hundred, watching television (black and white TV slightly better) induced headache and epilepsy account for two thousandths. Too much information online is not only people prone to visual fatigue, can easily lead to similar neurological disorders. Like friends, we must control access to the Internet every day to stay in front of the computer time. Should be more outdoor activities, and to ease the pressure nervous system. Fashion Health Paradox three: air conditioning life Summer winter, in the face of various adverse natural conditions, urban people are fortunate enough to hide in the house, enjoy a comfortable small environment. Comfortably used to, people will seek to bring this artificial environment, air conditioning heating, and forget the nature of the fresh air and open world. Health costs: Air conditioning disease is one of the modern urban diseases, facial nerve paralysis, cerebrovascular disease, many of which are cool in summer man Blame. Even the winter warm air, endangering not small, it is precisely the heater caused by rheumatoid arthritis than people imagine in the cold. In addition, the hot and cold, closed environment, but also for the common cold, a variety of respiratory diseases to provide a "fertile ground. " Fashion Health Paradox 4: Shaping Life Shaping underwear campaign slogan is effortlessly able to have a good figure. Want to have a good body but no time to go to the gym, the immediate fear of weight gain but difficult to refuse food. Shopping guide shaping underwear to hear how to say, Miss? Body fat is . . look at moving the first shaping underwear popular in Japan, the first batch of fans who now is a six-year-old man, and tall clothing remained at 30 years ago, when the look. Who can you resist the temptation? Health costs: slimming underwear experts are strongly basic negative attitude. Such an approach can lead to downsizing of some diseases, such as vulvitis. As the thin clothing wrapped tightly to the abdomen, the abdominal cavity of the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, intestines and other organs are oppressed, so that internal organs and nervous system, long-running tensions, resulting in lower gastrointestinal function, gastrointestinal function, and thereby causing constipation. In addition, the thin underwear lead to the hypoxia response, causing breast swelling and pain. Doctor's advice, not long underwear wearing thin, especially not to sleep at night were wearing. Shaping underwear shaping pants bigger than harm, because the body's organs mainly in the upper body, the heat also mainly distributed from there. Breasts were bound over not only the shape change, a serious disease may occur. Chinese care about is does not affect the body in the United States under the premise of some of wearing loose underwear as much as possible. Fashion Health Paradox 5: Detoxification of life Many stars insist colonic cleansing beauty, to let your body does not accumulate in body does not accumulate toxins, prevent adverse body odor, avoid the embarrassment of social occasions, the skin will become transparent and glossy, effective than simple topical cosmetics . Persons not familiar with this method, you can choose the method fasting detox, that is, the day the week not to eat, eat fruit or drink honey water, can also play a role in eliminating body toxins. Health costs: doctors say detoxification, in addition to normal feces, then, Khan of three detoxification pathways, people and even the ancient Spring and Autumn say blood detoxification, eventually leading to a number of human diseases. Fresh off detoxification method should also vary. Some spleen Deficiency, cool things to eat fruit, stomach flatulence occurs. If you are overloaded workers, to eat the meal when the body will appear weakness, dizziness, hypoglycemia, health would be affected. Six fashion health paradox: Sun Life Today, people's sun protection awareness is growing, not to themselves from head to toe with hats, umbrellas, sun block . . "wrap" hid her, do not take home. Too much sun, it will certainly cause skin aging, skin cancer or might. Health costs of: the sun on the human body is the best tonic. American medical experts found that regular exposure to sunlight or the sun regularly every week, you can prevent osteoporosis disease. As appropriate sun would make the body produce vitamin D, and thus prevent various diseases. Of course, the sun shall be color, season, time varies, not to everyone in the sun exposure, but to accept the full sun light as possible, to have an hour a day sunlight. Women afraid of black skin, you can early in the morning or evening when the light is not too strong acceptance of sunshine. It is not only for you, but also for the betterment of your family. It might not be possible for you to go for a regular check up at the nearby hosp . Experts have long been suggesting that people do their best when it comes to finding good doctors and make sure t . After having a tra . It offers complete hair care with efficient management of hair problems. One of its products, follicle boosting serum . The treatment involves setting the muscles with assisted exercising, . The amazing benefits are numerous and they include weight management and a good deal more. Check . The following article will help you understand what actually works when trying to get fit. If you rea . No single technique works well for everyone. You may have to do your homework, and find methods that suit your needs. By using the following advice, you will see t .
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