Jeep safari

Alright so are planning to travel the off-beaten paths of Himalayas, but do you know the risk of inaccessibility and the thrill of driving through the cold deserts and valley areas of the Himalayas. If you don't then, there is no better time to try out jeep safari adventure then the present one.

Usually people have a notion that Himalayan region is just suitable for thos ewho like to trek or climb the snowy mountains and love to conqueror numerous unnamed peaks of the Himalayas. But , there is a very unique kind of thrill present in Jeep Safari, expecially for those who like to travel through the lesser known destinations. Jeep safari also gives the Jeep safari adventure a kind of humane touch, as you to get to explore the places, which probably the locals must be aware of till now.

Major Jeep Safari Regions in Himalayas

Jeep Safari In Trans Himalayan Region

The trans Himalayan Tracts are something that will really attract the explorer in you to unwind the natural and man made wonders situated within the picturesque landscapes. Take up any of the customised jeep safari tours offered by the tourism board of India to the high altitude destinations of Leh, Ladakh and Kinnaur - Spiti, where the wilderness is still intact from commercialisation.

Ranging from short jeep side tours to long ranging holidays in the wild regions, the experience of driving through the mountainous valleys along winding passes and incredible heights is a journey every adventure seeker would love to have.

Jeep Safari In Ladakh
Jeep safari at the high altitude lake of India is another new attraction that has recently come up in this adventure activity. The high point trip of a trip to Leh is the drive to Pangong Lake. The drive takes round about four hours to Changla Pass. At the first sight of the lake through the 'V' of the ridges of the valley all cameras, digital videos etc. came tumbling out. The azure lake beautifully set off the golden yellow of the mountainside, painted thus by the mellow rays of the evening sun, on a canvas of crisp blue sky. Considered to be the most arduous and at the same time exhilarating is the cross country jeep drive to the Pong valley.

Jeep Safari In High Altitude Lakes Of Ladakh
Pangong Tso Lake:

There is little habitation in the Pangong Tso lake region and even less transport. Occasional buses go as far as Tangse, but from there four wheel vehicles are required, which is why the easiest way to get here is on a two or three day Jeep Safari organized by one of the many tour operators based in Leh.

Visitors are restricted by the army from staying at Spangmik for longer than a couple of hours, and the usual itinerary involves camping at Lukung 15-km before the lake. Tour operators provide all the necessary facilities including tents and food and will arrange your permit.

Tso Moriri Lake:
With the absence of any public transport except for the odd truck, the only really feasible way to get to Tso Moriri from Leh is on a Jeep Safari. These usually follow a circular itinerary via Upshi and Chumathang to Mahe Bridge, 144-kms from Leh, before turning towards Pulga and over the Namshang-la on a rough road to Karzok.

To complete the round trip, the tour continues on towards the Manali-Leh highway taking in the lake of Tso Kar and the small village of Thukse on the way. Some taxis travelling from Manali to Leh take this route to avoid the Tanglang la on the highway when it is snowbound